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Nobody Fights Alone
Nobody Fights Alone

The Department of Radiation Medicine dedicates itself to the foundation of the four pillars:


Dept of RadMed

We take pride in  educating our patients on the various cancer radiation treatments available and what they can expect during each treatment.

Our motto reflects the excellence and dedication of our staff to the health and wellness of our patients and the compassion needed for superior care.

As a teaching institution, our staff maintains a high level of professional standards furthering their education by attending seminars and collaborating closely with other teaching institutions. These standards give our patients an advantage in fighting cancer and overcoming tumors by strategically and cost- effectively utilizing the latest technologies. 

Radiation therapy has long been a pillar of cancer care. Advances have made it more effective with fewer side effects. The Department of Radiation Medicine offers: 

  • Nationally known radiation therapy experts who work with your full cancer team to give you outstanding care. 
  • Doctors who continually research how to provide the best results with the least amount of radiation. 
  • Detailed treatment planning and follow-up so you know exactly what to expect. 
  • The latest technology to safely and accurately deliver radiation. 
  • Innovative techniques to precisely target cancer and spare healthy tissue. 

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