Jessica Keating

Jessica Keating is wearing a gray top and black blazer

Current Program Year: Grad 1
Current Student, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, School of Medicine
M.D./Ph.D. Program Students, School of Medicine


Research interests: Neurodegeneration, Parkinson’s Disease, neurological disorders

Clinical interests: Neurology

Jessica graduated from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada in 2013 with a BA in Psychology and from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 with a MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology. She later worked as an English teacher in South Korea and conducted research with young stroke survivors in Melbourne, Australia, where she made the decision to pursue physician-scientist training. After two subsequent years of pre-med and one year as a research assistant at Rutgers University in New Jersey, she joined OHSU’s MD-PhD program in 2021.

Jessica's research focus has evolved from human memory, to needs assessment and stroke service delivery, to spinal cord circuits of pain and touch. She now investigates the genetic and molecular underpinnings of Parkinson's Disease in the Martin and Unni Labs. When she is not doing science you can find her on a PNW mountain or at home making a meal for friends.

Education and training

M.Sc., 2015, University of Edinburgh
BA, 2013, Mount Allison University


Selected publications

Bohic, M, Upadhyay, A, Eisdorfer, J, Keating, J, Simon, RC, Briones, BA…Abraira, VE. (2023). A new Hoxb8FlpO mouse line for intersectional approaches to dissect developmentally defined adult sensorimotor circuits. Front Mol Neuro 16.

Keating, J, Borschmann, K, Johns, H, Churilov, L, & Bernhardt, J. (2021). Shaping better care: Young stroke survivors’ preferred methods of meeting their unique needs. Neurology 96(13): e1701-10.

Keating, J, Affleck-Brodie, C, Wiegand, R, & Morcom, AM. (2017). Aging, working memory capacity and the proactive control of recollection: An event-related potential study. PLoS ONE 12(7): e0180367.