Emergency Medicine

Visiting Medical Student from Thailand

Emergency medicine is developing rapidly in Thailand. As part of our continued ties with Bangkok health care organizations, Dr. Wasin Pansiritanachot, a medical student from the Siriraj Medical School of Mahidol University, is completing a rotation at Oregon Health & Science University this month. He is participating in this program as part of our sister institutional exchange with Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Pansiritanachot shadowed Beech Burns, M.D., M.C.R., for a shift in the Pediatric Emergency Department where he:

  • Reviewed patient flow and triage mechanisms
  • Discussed clinical care pathways (including head and spine imaging guidelines for blunt trauma)
  • Observed the evaluation and management of pediatric patients including trauma, straightforward to medically complex
  • Observed the application of bedside ultrasound to aid in diagnosis of pediatric patients

Dr. Pansiritanachot is a firm believer in the criticality of first actions in emergency medicine, and that limited time and resources constitute the "challenge and charm" of the field. He hopes to pursue a residency or fellowship opportunity in the US, and ultimately return to work as an emergency medicine physician at Siriraj Hospital. On his experience here at OHSU, Dr. Pansiritanachot reflected, "...[this] was such a precious moment. I observed various aspects of emergency pediatric patient care, not only the medical aspect but the holistic service performed by an effective ED team... I would like to thank Dr. Burns, and also the residents along with all the staff for giving me a memorable experience."

Dr. Burns praised the time they spent together, stating that Dr. Pansiritanachot was, "extremely respectful, very intelligent, asked great questions, and will make a great member of a care team."

We thank Dr. Pansiritanachot for his interest in our organization, and we look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with Mahidol University in the future.