Emergency Medicine

Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC) Opt-Out

Opt-Out of ROC Research

We respect the wishes of members of our community who do not want to be enrolled in the ROC research clinical trials. If community members do not want to participate in these research trials, they can request to opt-out.

We offer a stainless steel bracelet with the words "NO STUDY" engraved on it. Local paramedics have been trained to look for this bracelet on the wrist of patients and will not enroll any person wearing this bracelet. Community members will have to wear this bracelet during the time these studies are being conducted beginning in 2012. If you have a study bracelet from previous ROC studies, you can use it to opt-out of this study as well.

To get your opt-out bracelet, contact the ROC staff:

Telephone: (503) 494-8083
Email: roc@ohsu.edu.