Emergency Medicine

IDEA-EM Personnel


Matt Hansen, M.D., M.C.R.
Co-Founder and Co-Director

Dr. Hansen is an associate professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics; associate medical director of the pediatric emergency department at OHSU and is a co-founder and current co-director of IDEA-EM. Dr. Hansen is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. His research focuses on resuscitation of critically ill and injured children, with particular focus in the EMS setting. Dr. Hansen completed the Emergency Medicine K12 program and was awarded a K23 from NHLBI to study airway management in pediatric EMS. He is involved in several innovation projects including assessment of dehydration in children, mental healthcare, and improving pediatric resuscitation. He believes that innovation is essential to translate research findings into practice and improve the safety and efficacy of care we provide during emergencies.

David Sheridan, M.D., M.C.R.
Co-Founder and Co-Director

David Sheridan M.D., M.C.R., is an associate professor of Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics at OHSU. He provides clinical care directly to patients in the OHSU/Doernbecher Emergency Department. He has published over 25 peer reviewed manuscripts surrounding multiple areas of pediatrics and emergency medicine. In addition to being fellowship trained in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, he obtained his master's degree in clinical research. He is actively involved in multiple innovation projects ranging from dehydration to mental health. He believes IDEA-EM plays a vital role to bring end user/clinician researchers together with industry partners to consistently innovate and better the care provided directly to patients and the healthcare system. He is the co-founder and current co-director of IDEA-EM.

Kohles-IDEA-EM engineer_150

Sean Kohles, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty and Biomedical Engineer

Dr. Kohles is an Adjunct Research Professor of Emergency Medicine in the School of Medicine as well as a Clinical Professor of Biomaterials & Biomechanics in the School of Dentistry. These affiliate appointments allow him to act as principal investigator on federal grant applications/funding, advise graduate students, and contribute to the overall research/educational mission of OHSU. He has published over 200 journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters describing his multiscale research in cell, tissue, joint, biomaterials, implant, and body biomechanical engineering. He has also acquired federal and private funding totaling over $1M in support of his research. His role with the IDEA-EM team will be to provide biomedical engineering design towards the innovation of medical devices through direct collaboration with EM faculty as well as a contributor to the University of Portland BME-MS program partnership.

Baker-IDEA-EM engineer

Steven D. Baker, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty and Electrical Engineer

Dr. Baker is a Sr. Principal Engineer at Welch Allyn and Adjunct Research Faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine in the School of Medicine, which allows him to serve as a bridge between industry and clinical practice and to act as a co-investigator on federal grant applications and funding, contributing to the overall research/educational mission of OHSU. He holds 30 US patents and has published over 40 journal articles and conference papers on topics ranging from space sensors to physiological sensors and from medical device security to wireless communications solutions. He has worked with several innovation projects at OHSU ranging from foreign object removal to mental health. His role with the IDEA-EM team will be to provide design solutions for sensors and systems.


Jordan Wackett, M.D., M.P.H.
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jordan Wackett, MD, MPH, is an adjunct assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at OHSU. He works clinically in the adult emergency department at OHSU. His background in visual arts and Master's degree in public health have led to his interest in design thinking to solve challenging problems in health care. These interests have led him to a wide range of work, including using Google Streetview to analyze the built environment of bicycle crash locations, digital media's role in storytelling, and improving the propagation of health information through graphic design and illustration. His vision for working with the IDEA-EM team is to help foster a culture of needs-based problem solving within the Department of Emergency Medicine.

Weitzel-IDEA-EM engineer._150.jpg

Rick Weitzel, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty and Electrical Engineer

Dr. Weitzel is a Lead Engineer at Welch Allyn and Adjunct Research Faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine in the School of Medicine. Dr. Weitzel has over 30 years of experience in the design of medical devices. At Protocol Systems he designed continuous monitoring devices whose parameters included ECG, respiration, invasive blood pressure, non-invasive blood pressure, thermistor temperature, CO2, cardiac output and SpO2. He also designed a defibrillator and a close-loop drug delivery system that performed stress test of patients in a supine position. He specialized in power supply design, digital and analog design, system design, and, is an expert in designing and testing medical devices for Electromagnetic Compatibility. At Welch Allyn he has designed Spot Monitors, IR thermometers, diagnostic ECG, Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, a vision screener and a retinal camera. He has worked on several innovation projects with OHSU including foreign object removal, non- invasive dehydration detection (for which he received a patent), an endotracheal tube cuff manometer and a device that addresses mental health.


Ryan Dehart
Faculty Volunteer, Affiliate Faculty-Computer Science Engineering

Ryan Dehart is a faculty volunteer in the Department of Emergency Medicine in the School of Medicine and a software engineer at Health Technology Innovations. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from University of Portland. His research focuses on machine learning, data analysis, data processing, and user interface. He is conducting research in mental health and cryo electron microscopy. He enjoys applying his software knowledge to medical research and thinks there is large potential in the medical tech industry.

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