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Behavioral Neuroscience DEI Spotlight

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Andrea Morgan's Black Like Me 360 Project Launches
Funded in 2022 by a Racial Equity & Inclusion Grant, Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience student Andrea Morgan’s project 
Black Like Me 360: A Virtual Experience aims to show what it's like to be Black in America. The project features “360 degree videos with the tables at OHSU turned completely—instead of a primarily white institution, showing OHSU as though it’s a primarily Black institution, and white people (a minority in these videos) deal with things like racism and microaggressions.”

Andrea Morgan (Hardin)

Research Town Hall, March 7th, 2022
Andrea Morgan, BSN graduate student, presented “I am OHSU: How owning our places at OHSU as individuals can make us better together" at a Research Town Hall on Monday, March 7th. You can find a recording link by visiting the COVID-19 Research O2 page and scrolling down the right side of the page. 

Morgan Awarded Racial Equity & Inclusion Grant
Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience student Andrea Morgan’s project is entitled “Black like Me 360: A Virtual Experience.”

AJ Mitchell

Mitchell Receives 2022 GSO DEI Award 
Congratulations to AJ Mitchell on receiving the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award from the Graduate Student Organization (GSO)! AJ was nominated by his peers and selected by the GSO awards committee.

AJ Mitchell

Mitchell Awarded 2021 Elevate Award
Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience student AJ Mitchell receives Alliance for Visible Diversity in Science (AVDS) 2021 Elevate Award.

Louis Nunez

Nuñez Receives 2021 Promising Scholar Award
Congratulations to first-year Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience (BSN) student , Louis Nuñez, on receiving the Promising Scholar Award. Scholars are chosen based on their commitment to support diversity at OHSU. Louis's research interests include drug addiction, neurobiology, and behavioral analysis.

Andrea Morgan (Hardin)

Morgan Publishes in Neuroline
Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience student Andrea Morgan recently published two articles in Neuroline related to mentorship:

Behavioral Neuroscience Diversity Committee 2021 Highlights
The Committee undertook a number of initiatives during 2021. Read through the 2021 highlights document for an accounting of those efforts.