Prediabetes Class

Eat your veggies educational food guide for prediabetes or diabetes

Learn simple steps to reduce your risk

Over 30 million Americans have diabetes. 

The good news is there are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk.  A person with prediabetes is at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. To learn how to reduce your risk, attend our one session prediabetes course!

Our one-time class will give you the tools to improve your self-care and better understand prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. This class provides information on simple steps you can take to reduce your risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

The Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center Successful Living with Diabetes Program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for quality Self-Management Education and Support.


Virtual - details for online access provided during registration.

This is a one time class. This class is open to all, both OHSU and non-OHSU participants.
To register, call our clinic 503-494-3273. For questions, contact Ashley Klees 503-688-3949 or email

Note – Each class falls on the second Tuesday of each month.

June 8th                    5:30 PM – 8 PM
July 13th                   9:30 AM – 12 PM
August 10th            5:30 PM – 8 PM
September 14th   9:30 AM – 12 PM
October 12th         5:30 PM – 8 PM

November 9th       9:30 AM – 12 PM
December 14th     5:30 PM – 8 PM