Household Poisons

Liquid Laundry Packets

Liquid laundry packets and candy look alike. Can you tell the difference?
Liquid laundry packets and candy look alike. If you can't tell the difference, how will a child?

Liquid laundry packets are colorful, squishy and attractive to children. They look like candy or something fun to play with. The poison center receives calls about children getting into these every year. Swallowing laundry detergent can cause mild to severe symptoms requiring hospitalization. Liquid laundry packets may even burst and cause injury if a child bites into it. Consumer Reports no longer recommends using liquid laundry packets if you have children younger than six years old in your home. Read more about liquid laundry packets from our partners at the American Association of Poison Centers.

Visit Safe Kids Worldwide to learn more about liquid laundry packet safety. View Safe Kids Worldwide Liquid Laundry Packet Infographic.

Laundry Packet Safety Tips:

  • Always keep detergents locked up high and out reach of children.
  • Always keep the product in its original package and keep the package closed.
  • Call the poison center if you think a child has been exposed to liquid laundry packet 1-800-222-1222.

Button Batteries

Button batteries can be found in small electronics, remote controls, activity trackers and other battery-operated devices.
Button batteries can be found in small electronics and remote controls.

Button batteries can be found in many household devices including mini remote controls, small calculators, watches, key fobs, flameless candles, and musical greeting cards. They also come in many children's toys including books. When a child swallows a button battery, the saliva triggers an electrical current. This causes a chemical reaction that can severely burn the esophagus in as little as two hours. Read more about button battery safety tips  from our partners at Safe Kids Worldwide.

Button Battery Safety Tips:

  • Always keep loose batteries locked away.
  • Keep small battery-operated devices out of reach of children.
  • Place a piece of duct tape over controllers or devices to secure the battery.
  • Call the poison center immediately if you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery 1-800-222-1222.