Materials Ordering

Poison center materials are available to Oregon residents and businesses only. If you live in another state, contact your local poison control center for available materials. 

Instructions for ordering poison center materials

Oregon residents and businesses

1. View the list of materials(Tip: Right click to open the pdf list in a new browser window for easy reference). 

2. Complete the form below to place your order.  Please note the following quantity limits: 

  • Limit 10 per item per person or individual household
  • Limit 50 per item per group or organization

If you are planning an event, program or have a need for a larger quantity please describe your need in the comments/notes section of your order. Our office will be in touch to discuss further. Thank you for helping us conserve our limited resources and ensure there are enough to go around. 

3. The materials you requested will be shipped to the address you provided.

*Please double check your mailing address for accuracy. The mailing address you provided must be able to accept packages from USPS after hours and on the weekends. Because of increasing shipping costs, we are unable to re-send your materials if the package is returned to us.

Allow up to three weeks for processing and shipping. If you are on a deadline for the materials please indicate when they are needed in the order form below. Weather events, staffing demands and postal service delays may affect order fulfillment and delivery. If you need help with your order please call 503-494-7799.

Order form for Oregon residents and businesses

Full Name
Mailing Address
Please make sure to specify both the item(s) and the quantities for each item.  The list of available materials for order is linked to at the top of the page.
The mailing address I provided for this order is accurate, complete and able to accept packages from USPS after-hours and on the weekends. I understand the materials I ordered will not be re-sent if the package is returned to the Oregon Poison Center by USPS.