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Oregon Poison Center Interviews & Media Coverage

Dr. Hendrickson's interview with KGW 8 regarding dangerous COVID-19 remedies circulating among social media users--including more info on hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, 03/25/20

"Oregon Poison Center warns against dangerous coronavirus remedies"

Dr. Hendrickson's interview with The Oregonian regarding cautions about homemade hand sanitizer, 03/04/20

"Coronavirus prevention: How to make hand sanitizer at home"

Dr. Hendrickson's interview with KTVA 11 regarding pesticides in marijuana, 01/19/20

"Marijuana products found contaminated with unapproved pesticides"

Dr. Hendrickson's interview with OHSU News regarding CO poisoning, 12/23/19

"5 ways to keep your family safe this winter"

Dr. Blumenberg’s interview with KATU 2 regarding vaping, 08/23/19

“CDC warns of vaping dangers as 190 are sickened”

Dr. Hendrickson's interview with KGW 8 regarding vaping, 08/22/19

“At least 150 people reported possible vaping-related lung disease”

Dr. Blumenberg's interview with Statesman Journal regarding Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, 08/17/19

Salem Hospital emergency room sees increase in illness linked to chronic pot use

Dr. Hendrickson's interview with Think Out Loud on OBP regarding Kratom, 08/07/19

“Kratom 101”

Dr. Blumenberg's interview with The Register-Guard regarding Kratom, 07/29/19

“Popular, legal, accessible: Kratom still a bit mysterious”

Dr. Hughes' interview with KATU 2 regarding fireworks safety, 07/03/19

“Doctors warn parents that fireworks are not food”