Seasonal Poisoning Hazards

Seasons, holidays and weather events bring about specific poisoning risks. Oregon Poison Center has compiled information and resources for a variety of seasonal hazards for your reference. Click each image to access our downloadable information or partner resource. If you have concerns about a toxic exposure contact the poison center 1-800-222-1222.

Mushroom in bed of leaves during fall
Autumn hazards include carbon monoxide, antifreeze, mushrooms, and pesticides. Learn more about how to stay poison - safe by clicking the image above.
kids riding school bus
Do you need a refresher on back to school poison safety? Morning routines, medication mix-ups, and school supplies are top of mind this time of year.
woman dressed in costume and full makeup for halloween as day of the dead
Learn about Halloween safety and poison hazards from dry ice and glow sticks to Halloween make-up and treat safety.
House covered in snow
Winter brings colds and flu and influx of medications into our homes. Medication safety is key to preventing poisonings.
Man using snowplow in front of home
Learn how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning during cold weather, winter storms and anytime of the year.
If you have a power outage, take steps to prevent food poisoning from unsafe food and water. Click the image above to learn more.
man spraying pesticide in a field
Spring hazards include pesticides, plants, solvents used in spring cleaning and hydrocarbons (gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid).
man grilling hot dogs over charcoal grill
Summertime and outdoor activity can bring on insect and animal bites and stings, food poisoning, poisonous plant exposures, and pesticide hazards.
a rattlesnake lies in the grass
Do you know what do to if bitten by a snake? Check out our snake bite toolkit.