Poison Prevention Education

Oregon Poison Center Education Department

Public education is an important function of the poison center. Our goal is to decrease the incidence and severity of poisonings through poison prevention education, outreach and promotion of the Poison Help® line.

Our public education program is managed by a full-time health educator with a background in public health and injury prevention. Our educator participates in a national network of poison center educators who share information, best practices and resources as member centers of America's Poison Centers. Our educator works with community partners across the poison center's service area to conduct outreach in the community, act as a poison prevention subject matter expert and leverage available resources to maximize impact in communities. Additionally, our educator provides poison prevention resources to the public and partner agencies, classes for children and adults, participates in community events and health fairs, maintains a free online poison prevention training program and manages external communications for department in conjunction with OHSU Media Relations. 

The education program uses Mr. YukTM stickers and Poison Help® magnets, brochures, videos, and posters to promote the Poison Help® line and support poison prevention messages throughout the community. Order materials or download handouts, puzzles, and game sheets from our website. To cover the cost of purchased materials generated by this educational program, the Oregon Poison Center is dependent upon public donations.

The Oregon Poison Center strives to reach a wide variety of audiences through the use of social media platforms. Educational content, poison prevention information and emerging poison concerns are shared with the public on our Facebook, Instagram, "X" and YouTube pages. Stay up-to-date on trending topics and newsworthy events by following along.

Education department contacts

To order materials complete the online order form or call 503-494-7799 and leave a detailed message for our team.

To speak with our administrator about general questions call 503-494-8600.

Do you want us to attend your health fair or event? Fill out our Event Request Form. Our team will follow up with availability and any questions.