Our Staff

Our specialists in poison information are experienced nurses and pharmacists with backgrounds in mother-child care, emergency, critical care, as well as intensive care nursing. Many of our specialists have completed a certification program created by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Our center also has six board-certified medical toxicologists on call 24-hours a day as additional medical backup.

The Oregon Poison Center staff uses their experience, training, an extensive library of medical toxicology literature, as well as computerized resources including: POISINDEX®, Tomes®, Tomes Plus® and Identidex®.

Oregon Poison Center staff

Medical director

Associate medical director

Department director

Charisse Pizarro-Osilla, R.N., M.S., CSPI

Clinical nurse manager


Public educator and web manager

Jennifer Eskridge, M.P.H., CHES®

Administrative coordinator

Kate Maresh

Nurses and pharmacists

Amy, R.N., CSPI

Anne, R.N., SPI

Annie, R.N., CSPI

Bonnie, R.N., CSPI

Beth, R.N., SPI

Destiny, R.N., SPI

Faye, Pharm.D., CSPI

Hope, R.N., CSPI

Jami, R.N., CSPI

Kiersten, R.N., SPI

Leslie, R.N., SPI

Lisa, R.N., SPI

Lisbeth, R.N., CSPI

Loren, R.N., CSPI

Mallory, R.N., CSPI

Marc, R.N., CSPI

Mary, R.N., CSPI

Mercedes, R.N., SPI

Mike, Pharm.D., CSPI

Miguel, R.N., CSPI

Patricia, R.N., SPI

Roberta, R.N., CSPI

Rose, R.N., SPI

Salwa, R.N., SPI

Samantha, R.N., CSPI

Tonya, R.N., CSPI

Tuan, Pharm.D., SPI