2021 Summer Interns

OccHealthSci Intern Welcome meeting, June 22, 2021
OccHealthSci Summer Intern Welcome Meeting June 22, 2021

2021 Poster Session

Our 2021 student interns presented their finding in a virtual research presentation on August 11, 2021 to OHSU faculty and staff, and family and friends.  We congratulate them on their fine work!  Here is a recap of their projects:

  • Anika Banister, Reed College, Miranda Lim Lab, Centella Asiatica to Treat Anxiety-like Behaviors and Sleep Disturbances in
    Aged Mice.
  • Renee Kozlowski, Tulane University, Bradley Wipfli Lab, The Active Workplace Study, Sedentary Bouts, and Musculoskeletal Pain Prevalence: A mediation Analysis.
  • Lauren Lee, Oregon State University, Nicole Bowles Lab, The Impact of the Consecutive Number of Days On- or Off-Shift on Firefighters’ Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability During Nocturnal Sleep.
  • Kaiyo Shi, Stony Brook University, Suzanne Mitchell Lab, Sex Differences in Acquisition of Delay-Discounting Task in Rats.
  • Megan Jones, Oregon State University, Saurabh Thosar Lab, The Effects of Habitual Sedentary Behavior on Sleep.