2019 Summer Interns

2019 Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences Summer Interns

2019 Poster Session

Our 2019 student interns presented their findings in a scientific poster session on August 14 among OHSU faculty and staff, and families and friends. We congratulate them on their fine work! Here is a recap of their projects:

  • Sarah Bonomo, Oregon State University, David A. Hurtado Lab, Workplace Aggression and Compassion Satisfaction among Patient-Care Workers in Public Clinics
  • Rachel Cohen, Oregon State University, Brad Wipfli Lab, Supervisors, Stress, and Sedentary Behavior
  • Jacob Gruber, University of Portland, Saurabh Thosar Lab, Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on the Circadian Rhythm of Vascular Function
  • Katelyn Gutowsky, Reed College, Miranda Lim Lab, Young adult sleep disruption and its impact on social behavior and activity in prairie voles.
  •  Marykathryn Kordash, University of Portland Andrew McHill Lab, Shiftwork, caloric intake, and blood pressure; Potential mechanisms for escalated cardiovascular risk
  • Grace Mockaitis, Lewis and Clark College, Charles Allen Lab, Manipulation of intracellular calcium signaling in suprachiasmatic nucleus astrocytes reveals possible disruption of circadian rhythms in mice: A preliminary analysis
  • Connor Onitsuka, Hendrix College, Doris Kretzschmar Lab, Pathogenic mechanisms of disease-associated human Tau mutants in D. Melanogaster
  • Timothy Oxendahl, Portland State University, Leslie Hammer Lab, The Effects of Work-Family Conflict on Psychological Distress and Drinking to Cope
  • Carolina Pena-Navarro, University of Portland Steven A. Shea Lab, Circadian variation in physiological stress responses in obstructive sleep apnea versus healthy controls
  • Martina Shannon, Western Oregon University, Nicole Bowles Lab, Effects of Shiftwork on Sleep in Firefighters
  • JJ Terrobias, University of Portland, Mitch Turker Lab, The Effects of Stress on Circadian Rhythms and the Role of Per1
  • Naoto Tozaki. Portland State University, R. Stephen Lloyd Lab, Characterization of Compounds Enhancing OGG1-Catalyzed DNA Repair
  • Joanne Tran, University of Portland, Xiaoquan Rao Lab, The NRF2 pathway is an important regulator of oxidative stress and atherosclerosis progression after PM2.5 exposure
  • Alexander Watt, Oregon State University, Matt Butler Lab, Long Term Health Impacts of Developmental Mis-timed Feeding