Pilot Projects

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center supports external and internal research in the areas of Total Worker Health®. Proposals to the Pilot Program have aligned with OHWC's theme and goals as a NIOSH Center of Excellence. In addition to a strong research design with a significant applied focus, proposals have addressed strategic goals in a NIOSH National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) sector area.

Our Pilot Project Program is now open!

The call includes details on eligibility, proposal requirements, and other details. Click to download. 

Tilikum pedestrian and public transit crossing bridge in Portland, Oregon
  1. A natural experiment for the impact of schedules on sleep, health, and safety in firefighters (Nicole Bowles*)
  2. Community of Practice and Safety Support-Tailored for Pain Management (COMPASS-TPM; Ryan Olson*)
  3.  Pilot-testing the feasibility of a Total Worker Health interpersonal burnout intervention (David Hurtado* & Abigail Lenhart#)

All pilot projects have transitioned to full-scale funded research projects in OHWC’s 2021-2026 cycle.

*Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, OHSU
#OHSU School of Medicine

  1. Feasibility of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention on Hospice Care Worker Safety and Well-being (Lorann Stallones & Morgan Valley, Colorado State University)
  2. Nursing Students' 1st Entrée into Clinical Rotations: Initial Behaviors Addressing Shift Work, Sleep, and Safe Practice (Patricia Butterfield, Washington State University)
  3. Total Worker Health among New Nurses: An Instrument Development Study (Janessa Graves, Washington State University)
  4. Be Active, Work Safe (Laurel Kincl & Simon Driver, Oregon State University)
  5. Family-Supportive and Safety-Supportive Supervisor Behavior Training in Corrections Personnel (Charlotte Fritz, Portland State University & Leslie Hammer, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences)