Pilot Projects

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center supports external and internal research in the areas of Total Worker Health®. Proposals to the Pilot Program have aligned with OHWC's theme and goals as a NIOSH Center of Excellence. In addition to a strong research design with a significant applied focus, proposals have addressed strategic goals in a NIOSH National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) sector area.

The Pilot Project Program in OHWC's current cycle (2021-2026) will launch in Year 3.

Tilikum pedestrian and public transit crossing bridge in Portland, Oregon

The Pilot Project Program in OHWC's current cycle (2021-2026) will launch in Year 3.

  1. A natural experiment for the impact of schedules on sleep, health, and safety in firefighters (Nicole Bowles*)
  2. Community of Practice and Safety Support-Tailored for Pain Management (COMPASS-TPM; Ryan Olson*)
  3.  Pilot-testing the feasibility of a Total Worker Health interpersonal burnout intervention (David Hurtado* & Abigail Lenhart#)

All pilot projects have transitioned to full-scale funded research projects in OHWC’s 2021-2026 cycle.

*Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, OHSU
#OHSU School of Medicine

  1. Feasibility of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention on Hospice Care Worker Safety and Well-being (Lorann Stallones & Morgan Valley, Colorado State University)
  2. Nursing Students' 1st Entrée into Clinical Rotations: Initial Behaviors Addressing Shift Work, Sleep, and Safe Practice (Patricia Butterfield, Washington State University)
  3. Total Worker Health among New Nurses: An Instrument Development Study (Janessa Graves, Washington State University)
  4. Be Active, Work Safe (Laurel Kincl & Simon Driver, Oregon State University)
  5. Family-Supportive and Safety-Supportive Supervisor Behavior Training in Corrections Personnel (Charlotte Fritz, Portland State University & Leslie Hammer, Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences)