Faculty & Staff

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Leslie B. Hammer, PhD Co-Director OHWC
Leslie B. Hammer, PhD
OHWC Director
Erin Flynn, PhD Director, Outreach Operations (Institute)
Erin Flynn, PhD, Director,
Outreach Operations (Institute)
Nicole Bowles, PhD (Lead, SWIFT/Firefighter project)
Nicole Bowles, PhD
Lead, SWIFT/Firefighter project
Emily Huang, PhD (Lead, TWH Climate Scale project)
Emily (Yueng-hsiang) Huang, PhD
Lead, TWH Climate Scale project
Teresa Everson, MD (WLCI project)
Teresa Everson, MD
WLCI project
W. Kent Anger, PhD
W. Kent Anger, PhD
TWH Climate Scale project
21.	Jennifer Dimoff, PhD (Affiliate faculty); University of Ottawa
Jennifer Dimoff, PhD Affiliate faculty
University of Ottawa
Ryan B. Olson Co-Director OHWC 200 dpi
Ryan B. Olson, PhD
Lead, COMPASS-NP project
Anjali Rameshbabu, PhD
Anjali Rameshbabu, PhD OHWC
Ctr. Manager & Co-lead, Outreach Core
Brad Wipfli, Assistant Professor, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
Brad Wipfli, PhD Internal Steering
Committee Chair; Portland State Univ.
David Hurtado, ScD (Co-lead, Work-Life Check-In/WLCI project)
David Hurtado, ScD Co-lead,
Work-Life Check-In/WLCI project
Miguel Marino, PhD (COMPASS-NP & WLCI project)
Miguel Marino, PhD
Steven A. Shea, PhD
Steven A. Shea, PhD
SWIFT/Firefighter project
Dennis Turk, PhD
Dennis Turk, PhD COMPASS-NP project;Univ. Of Washington
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Todd Bodner, PhD (Lead, Design and analysis); Portland State University
Todd Bodner, PhD Lead, Design and
analysis; Portland State University
11.	Abigail Lenhart, MD (Co-lead, WLCI project)
Abigail Lenhart, MD
Co-lead, WLCI project
Mo Wang, PhD (TWH Climate Scale project)
Mo Wang, PhD
TWH Climate Scale project
Andrew McHill, PhD (SWIFT/Firefighter project)
Andrew McHill, PhD
SWIFT/Firefighter project
Jennifer Hess, PhD (COMPASS-NP project); University of Oregon
Jennifer Hess, PhD COMPASS-NP
project; University of Oregon