Document Delivery Service for Non-OHSU Users

OHSU Library will provide electronic PDFs to Non-OHSU users for a fee. Requests filled from the OHSU Library collection are $14 and requests filled by other libraries are $25 (+ any applicable copyright fees).

Non-OHSU Users: Log into Document Delivery Account

OHSU Users: please visit this page for our document delivery/interlibrary loan requesting service.

Document Delivery FAQ

  • What is it?
    OHSU Library's document delivery service for Non-OHSU users provides requested articles or chapters as electronic PDFs from materials owned by OHSU Library and other libraries. This service is fee-based (see below).
  • How do I make a request? 
    Learn how to make a request here.
  • How much does it cost and how will I be billed?
    Document Delivery service is $14 for requests fulfilled from the OHSU Library collection and $25 + copyright (when applicable) for requests fulfilled by other libraries. You will be emailed an invoice once a month and can pay with a check or credit card.
  • Why was my request canceled for the reason ‘max cost exceeded?’
    Occasionally, OHSU will have to pay copyright charges on a particular journal title and when we do we pass that fee on to you. The additional fee is often in excess of what you had indicated you were willing to pay on your request, so we cancel the request and provide you with alternative ways to obtain the article.
  • OHSU owns the article I requested in their electronic collection, so why did the article I receive come from another library?
    Due to licensing agreements, OHSU is often not able to provide material from its electronic collections to users outside of the OHSU community.
  • How long does it take to receive items?
    PDFs typically arrive within 1-3 business days. 
  • How do I ask for a rush service?
    After submitting your request, please follow up with an email or a phone call 503-494-3460 so that we can expedite it.  A rush service is an additional fee of $10.
  • Can I request physical books and other print materials?
    Please see your local public library for borrowing physical materials (books, media, etc.).
  • Where do my requested items come from?
    Your requests are fulfilled either from our collection or from other libraries worldwide.
  • How will my article arrive?
    We provide all requests as electronic PDFs. You will sign into your document delivery account and click on the link called 'incoming PDFs'. PDFs will remain 'live' in your account for approximately 30 days.  After this time they will be deleted from our server and cannot be retrieved.
  • How long is my requested PDF available for viewing?
    Requested PDFs are available for 30 days from the date of posting; after that time they are no longer retrievable.  Please download or save the PDF to your device prior to the 30 days.
  • What is the status of my request?
    Awaiting Copyright Clearance: request is awaiting internal system verification before being ordered.
    Awaiting Request Processing: request has been verified but has not yet been ordered.
    Request Sent: request has been sent to potential library lenders.
    Delivered to Web: request has been fulfilled and is available as an electronic PDF within the user's document delivery account.
    Request Finished: requested item has been fulfilled and is now complete.
    Awaiting Special Handling: requested item is complex and OHSU Library staff is reviewing.
  • Can I view old requests?
    Request histories go back approximately one year.
  • Do you have a question that we did not address?
    Please contact us.