Directions and Maps

Directions to OHSU | Directions to RLSB

Map of Marquam Hill Campus with Library location.  Map to RLSB (LRC is located on the 5th floor)

OHSU Library Floor Maps

    Getting to the OHSU Library (Biomedical Information Communication Center)

    The Library Service Desk is located on the 3rd floor of the BICC. The 24 hour study space is located on the 4th floor of the BICC.

    Bus: Take the bus to OHSU ( The BICC stop is S.W. Sam Jackson Park & US Veterans Road.  

    Streetcar and Tram: Take any of the Portland Streetcar lines ( the S.W. Moody & Meade stop and walk south on Moody Avenue to the lower Tram terminal, or take the North South Line to the Moody & Gibbs stop, which is across Moody Avenue from the terminal.   At the top of the tram, exit down the long walkway/hallway into Kohler Pavilion and follow the signs to OHSU Hospital, and then to Hatfield Research Center.  Walk down the hallway past the Plaza Café and exit the building.  The BICC will be the building up the hill right in front of you; the doors are on your left. 

    Car: Hourly parking is available with a two hour limit on the top deck of Parking structure C which is directly across from the BICC building.  There is a skybridge that connects to the building you can cross after you park and the Library entrance is located on the 3rd floor.    Pay stations are located near the skybridge.  More information is available at: and

    Getting to the LRC on the 5th floor in the RLSB (Robertson Life Sciences Building)

    Public Transportation:  Portland’s Streetcar stops at the corner of S.W. Moody and S.W. Meade, which is across the street and just south of the Collaborative Life Sciences Building. Patients and visitors may ride a TriMet bus downtown and transfer to the Portland Streetcar.  The closest Streetcar stop to the downtown transit mall is at S.W. 5th and Market. The Streetcar accommodates bikes and wheelchairs.

    If you have any questions or need further directions, please call us at:  503-494-3460.