Become a trained user

We will train you one-on-one on our instruments, using your own sample.  Once deemed proficient, you may schedule independently and take advantage of lower fees.

Take advantage of our full service

We offer assistance for image acquisition, analysis, and presentation.  Rely on our experience to get the images you need efficiently, saving you time and money.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your imaging needs and find out about our fee structure.

Instruments on Marquam Hill

Get help with data analysis

To view images acquired on our instruments on your personal computers, we encourage you to install open-source software, such as ImageJ or  FiJi, for basic analysis.  

For large data sets and advanced analysis, we offer access to high-end workstations and software packages at both our Marquam Hill and South Waterfront location. View more details about our data analysis services.

Neuroscientist? Supported by NINDS?

Contact the core director  to learn about your eligibility for direct support.

Thinking about a new project? In between grants?

Contact the core director to learn about the USR Pre-award Program.