Workstations at the South Waterfront

Below is a list of the data analysis workstations available at the Advanced Light Microscopy Core's location on the 3rd floor of the Knight Cancer Research Building. Contact us for help choosing the correct workstation for your needs.

Visit our Data Analysis page for a more in depth description of the data analysis software packages offered at the Core.

Located in KCRB 3161. This workstation offers:

  • Imaris (Bitplane) featuring all modules and Clearview deconvolution
  • Imaris Stitcher
  • ZEN Blue (Zeiss) featuring Intellesis AI-based segmentation
  • FIJI/Image J

Located in the work space adjacent to KCRB 3161.

ZEN Blue (Zeiss).

Imaris featuring all modules

Arivis Pro from Zeiss with Cellpose2.0 deep learning for cell segmentation