Data Analysis

To view images acquired on our instruments on your own workstations, we encourage you to install open-source software, such as ImageJ or  FiJi, to run on your computers.  

For more involved analysis of your imaging data we offer training on high-end software packages available on our workstations in the Offline Imaging Suite in LBRB 481. We offer you access to offline versions of the vendor-specific software packages on our acquisition setups and we also have licenses to MetaMorph (Molecular Devices) and SoftWorks (GE/Applied Precision), but most of the analysis is performed on our workstations featuring Imaris.

Imaris (Bitplane)

We have licenses for the following Imaris modules:

  • Imaris (basic)
  • ImarisCell
  • ImarisColoc
  • MeasurementPro
  • ImarisTrack
  • FilamentTracer
  • ImarisVantage
  • ImarisXT
  • ImarisBatch

This software suite allows users to:

  • Visualize volume images and objects in real time using a rich selection of rendering modes.
  • Identify objects based on morphology, intensity, size and many more parameters.
  • Validate segmentation by superimposing objects on the original volume image.
  • Interact dynamically with individual objects.
  • Extract statistics for quantitative analysis.
  • Prepare images for publication and presentation.

Further information can be found at the Imaris website.