Clinical Trials PBRN Toolkit

Resources to support investigators as they conduct clinical trials, including tools for retaining engagement.


PBRN Research Good Practices (PRGP)

The Practice-based Research Network (PBRN) Research Good Practices, or PRGPs, were developed for the specific context of multi-site research conducted in the clinical practice setting. This PRGP document is the culmination of a mixed-methods research project in which over one hundred researchers contributed their experience, expertise and wisdom to identify research best practices, and then to detail recommendations and strategies to support the primary care research enterprise.


Clinical-Community Relationships Evaluation Road Map

This Evaluation Roadmap is designed to be a resource for future research and evaluation, of use to funders, researchers, and program evaluators interested in primary care and understanding effective clinical-community resource relationships. The Roadmap is rooted in a conceptual framework that depicts the interrelationships between several factors that may influence the effectiveness of linkages between primary care clinics and community resources for preventive services.


Shared Decision Making Resources

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a process of engaging patients in making informed, values based decisions for preference sensitive conditions.  Decision Aids (DAs) are evidence-based tools that explicitly cover the  options, benefits, and risks in cases where there is more than one  available treatment or diagnostic option. DAs can be an effective  supplement to patient-clinician conversations.

Shared Decision Making Toolkit

Below are resources from the presentation made by Claire Sahlberg, Rural Community Health Clerkship medical student on health literacy, readability and diabetes, emphasizing why it's necessary to provide easy to understand and clear patient presentation tools.


Full Presentation

Handout Example


Conference Presentations

"If you are not counted, you do not count": Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data in the EHR

  • Presented March 25, 2016 to the Meaningful Care Conference by ORPRN PERC Kelsey Branca, MPH, CCR


POLST: Doing it Better 7 minute video

"POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) has proven to be a powerful tool in assuring respect for the treatment preferences of those nearing the end of their lives.  This 7 minute video was created by the OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care and shown on the ORPRN website to correct misinformation and promote the high quality use of the POLST Program."

Susan W. Tolle, MD Cornelia Hayes Stevens Chair; Director, Center for Ethics in Health Care