Research and Programs

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Active Projects

ORPRN is currently engaged in a wide variety of projects with primary care practices around Oregon. Click here for a complete list and more information.


ORPRN is proud of the research it has conducted partnered with Oregon primary care. Click here for a partial list of publications that have featured ORPRN research.

Oregon ECHO Network

ORPRN houses the Oregon ECHO Network (OEN), a statewide utility that supports the delivery of case-based learning sessions for Oregon healthcare professionals. Click here to learn more about OEN and its mission.


The Meta-network Learning and Research Center (Meta-LARC) is a collaborative of seven practice-based research networks dedicated to increasing the quality, effectiveness, and safety of primary care. Click here for more information about Meta-LARC.

Quick COVID-19 Primary Care Survey

The Larry A. Green Center is conducting a nationwide survey about the impacts of COVID-19 on Primary Care. Click here for Oregon-specific results of the survey.