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ORPRN researchers and staff regularly work with investigators from across OHSU, Oregon and the country.  If you are a researcher with a project idea that fits with our mission and expertise, we want to partner with you.

ORPRN's mission is to improve health and equity for all Oregonians through community engaged research, education, and policy.

  • We have ongoing conversations with primary care clinicians, payers, health systems and community members throughout Oregon, with a special emphasis on rural and frontier communities.  We strive to understand the realities of day to day clinical practice.
  • We are researchers with experience in multiple types of methodologies, from pragmatic clinical trials to dissemination and implementation to community engaged participatory research.  We have skilled qualitative and quantitative analysts who support project design, implementation and analyses and project managers who move projects successfully from inception through recruitment and enrollment to completion.
  • We have mastered Practice Facilitation (also known as practice coaching) through two decades of experience.  We meet primary care practice staff where they are and help them assess, create, implement and improve everything from simple quality improvement projects to complex research trials.  Our facilitators establish ongoing relationships with practices, clinicians and staff, and several live throughout Oregon, bring their lived experiences to the position.
  • We create and provide education to practicing clinicians through webinars, technical assistance programs and our innovative and successful Project ECHO telementoring programs.  The Oregon ECHO Network within ORPRN produces dozens of high-quality programs for primary care, behavioral health, skilled nursing facilities, peers and more that utilize multi-disciplinary teams of experts to mentor and assist community providers.

Whether you are starting out with your first project or are an experienced investigator, if you are interested in practice-based research, working with community practices and their partners or want to incorporate facilitation into your work, consider partnering with ORPRN.

ORPRN is ready to support your research with everything from project planning and recruitment to data analysis and dissemination.

To begin the process, click the button below and fill out the form to tell us about your project and what support you are looking for:

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