Oregon ECHO Network

Logo: Project ECHO, Oregon ECHO Network

ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an interactive educational and community-building experience that allows healthcare professionals throughout the state of Oregon (especially in rural and frontier regions) to create a case-based learning environment through the convenience of video-conferencing between clinical specialty experts and primary care clinicians.

The Project ECHO© model was originally developed at the University of New Mexico. Launched in 2017, Oregon ECHO Network (OEN) is a statewide utility that supports ECHO programming determined by a collaborative group of community partners. OEN’s vision is to give Oregon’s primary care clinicians and their teams the knowledge and tools to manage health conditions that they typically refer to specialty care. The benefits of this approach include improved patient satisfaction, reduced medical errors and unneeded specialty referrals, more effective case management, and overall improved patient health for all Oregonians.

Explore past ECHO programs and register for upcoming offerings at the Oregon ECHO Network website.