Fertility Preservation

OHSU is a nationwide leader in preserving fertility

The Fertile Future Program was founded at OHSU in 2004 to help young people with cancer preserve their fertility. Based on the results of our innovative research, we are able to provide outstanding clinical care. We offer options for sperm and egg freezing, embryo banking and ovarian tissue preservation. And thanks to grant support and other partnerships, we are able to provide care at reduced rates for patients undergoing cancer treatment who have financial need.

OHSU is part of a nationwide, multi-center collaboration in research and clinical care funded by the National Institutes of Health. Research breakthroughs by Dr. David Lee and the OHSU team cleared the way for clinical work on freezing and banking of ovarian tissue. In 2004, we were proud to report the first pregnancy in the world from transplanted primate ovarian tissue. This led to national prize-winning papers for scientific innovation in fertility preservation. Our lab, directed by Dr. David Battaglia, helped with the first pregnancy in the Northwest from frozen eggs.