Community and Programming Surveys

At the Center for Women's Health, we are dedicated to providing the care and resources women need—but we also care about providing the services you want. Part of the way we do that is to conduct periodic surveys, to learn about new areas of interest, and make sure that we are providing high-quality resources for the topics you care about. 

Please consider taking one of the surveys below—and be a part of developing the health and well-being of women in Oregon and beyond!


Many women who are entering or experiencing menopause have lots of questions--and we have questions for you! Responses to this survey can help us develop services and resources to help you navigate this time of your life.
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Need Assessment

Our goal at the Center for Women's Health is to provide programs and services that are meaningful to you. By taking this survey, you can help us learn what types of activities we can develop.
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Results from Summer 2015 outreach survey

As we develop programming and services at the Center, we want to be sure that we are listening to what is important to you. This past July we conducted a survey asking what outreach activities people would like to see offered at the Center. And when we asked, you answered—445 people responded, and 20% of those respondents allowed us to conduct follow-up interviews. Thank you to those who helped us reach that number!

What we learned
You (our respondents) are most interested in learning about:

1.      nutrition

2.      general health and healthy aging (especially for women going through menopause)

3.      exercise and fitness (with stress management close behind at #4).

And you want to receive this information by:

1.      Attending a lecture or class

2.      Reading a newsletter or post

As for what actually convinces you to attend an event, timing is everything (well, that and parking) and any event has to fit into your busy schedules. In the words of one respondent, it's all about "the time of day, if it conflicts with having to pick up my kids or with dinner. Weekends I am probably less likely to come because I want to be with my family. If I am going to pay for it, it has to be really cool."

Well, we hear you! As we work on developing more programs and events, we will do our best to be as accessible as possible. After all, it's your health and we want to help you achieve it.

We have some great information to help direct our growth, but we're not done listening. If you didn't do it over the summer and would like to let us know what's important to you, you can still take the survey. We hope that as we grow, you will all agree with one respondent, who told us regarding our events and outreach, "Please keep them coming, they are valuable!"

Community Survey Results: Topics of Interest
Community Survey Results by Topic