Research Track


Dr. Stacy Fairbanks
Dr. Stacy Fairbanks, CA-4 Research Resident
This track allows the scholar to complete 30 months of clinical anesthesia training and 18 months of research. Scholars will complete all ACGME requirements for the core anesthesiology program as well as a substantial research project in conjunction with a faculty mentor. Research time will be distributed on an individualized basis to allow the scholar to achieve his/her goals while maintaining clinical proficiency. An example of research time allocation is: CA1 year, 2 months; CA2 year, 4 months; CA3 year, 6 months; CA4 year, 6 months. However, the exact sequencing of rotations and research blocks are decided upon by the scholar, faculty research mentor, and program director to ensure optimal training.

The integrated curriculum of dedicated research time and core anesthesiology experiences allows for mentored growth over time. For information on the department's research, visit their site.

Scholars interested in focusing on clinical research have the opportunity to participate in the Human Investigations Program (HIP) to receive a Certificate in Human Investigations.

Sample Schedule

The schedule for the 4-year Research Program is personalized depending on the type of research and the project. However, the first year (PGY-2) is spent in clinical. The research time for the remaining three years is done in three to six month blocks.