Physiology & Pharmacology

Courses and descriptions

PHPH 601 Research

Term: Any

Credits: 1-16


PHPH 603 Thesis

Term: Any

Credits: 1-16


PHPH 606 Journal Club

Course Director:  Michael Cohen, PhD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Term: Fall, Winter, Spring
Credits: 1


PHPH 607 Departmental Seminar Series

Course Director: Francis Valiyaveetil, Ph.D

Term: Fall, Winter, Spring

Credits: 1


PHPH 614  Neurophysiology and Pharmacology of Pain

Course Director: Mary Heinricher, Ph.D

Term: TBD, Contact the Department

Credits: 2


PHPH 617 Pharmacokinetics: Drug Absorption, Distribution, and Elimination

Course Directors: Dennis Koop Ph.D and Tom Scanlan Ph.D.

Term: Fall - Alternate Years

Credits: 2

This course will provide students with an introduction to drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination.


PHPH 618 Receptor Pharmacology

Course Director: Catherine Morgans, Ph.D

Term: Winter

Credits: 2

This course will provide the students with an introduction to the molecular mechanisms of drug action and the principles of drug-receptor interactions.


PHPH 619 Topics in Autonomic Physiology and Pharmacology

Course Directors: Beth Habecker, Ph.D.

Term: Spring * a minimum of 5 registered students is required for this course to be taught.

Credits: 3

This advanced topics course surveys the function and regulation of the autonomic nervous system, and the basis for autonomic drug actions.  Topics can include autonomic control of cardiovascular function, energy balance, thermoregulation, respiration, and others.


PHPH 621 The Visual System

Course Director: W. Rowland Taylor, Ph.D and Michael Chiang, Ph.D.

Term: Fall

Credits: 2

This course alternates between Cellular and Developmental Biology of the Visual System in odd numbered years, and Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of the Visual System in even numbered years.


PHPH 622 Ion Channels and Genetic Diseases

Course Director: Dave Dawson, Ph.D.

Term: TBA, Contact the department

Credits: 2

The course introduces the basic concepts of ion channel function in the context of the origin of inherited diseases and considers how alterations in channel function produce neurophysiology states, such as cystic fibrosis, myotonias, and cardiac arrhythmia and the potential bases for therapeutics and directed drug development.


PHPH 630 Advanced Organic Synthesis

Course Director: Tom Scanlan, Ph.D.

Term: Spring * This course is taught at Portland State University by PSU Faculty.

Credits: 4

This course deals with advanced organic synthesis methods and synthetic planning and execution strategies for complex target compound synthesis. The goal of the course is that students will emerge with a practical understanding of how to apply the tools of organic synthesis to their research.


Common Elective Courses

PHPH 605  Readings and Conferences: Topics in Physiology or Pharmacology

Course DIrector: Faculty

Term: Any

Credits: 2-3


Physiology & Pharmacology Academic Guidelines & Expectations:Year 2+