Programs & Services

Recognizing that no two of us are alike and that each of us is at a unique point in life, the culture of march wellness & fitness center promotes a safe and supportive atmosphere and an array of programs and services that you can select from and combine to meet your individual needs. Whether you want to dive in or ease in, march wellness provides you with a wide variety of activities.

Explore the programs and services march has to offer in the Programs, Training & Coaching, Enrichment and Problem Solving website tabs.

Training and Coaching

For more training information or to schedule a session visit the Training & Coaching page.

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Personal Training

One on one personal training is a fantastic way to reach your fitness goals.

Group Training

Train in a group of 2-4 people and see your fitness goals come true.  This is a great workout at a fraction of the cost.

Yoga Coaching

Improve your flexibility, reduce stress, and focus the mind. One on one training helps improve all aspects of your personal yoga practice.

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Pilates Reformer Coaching

Working on the reformer one on one with an instructor can help you fine tune posture and core strength. Utilizing the reformer can aid in injury rehab, improving you skills in a mat Pilates class.

Swim Coaching

Learn to swim or perfect your stroke. A swim trainer can coach you to be more efficient in the water and improve your swimming.



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Cooking Classes

Cooking class are offered throughout the year with seasonal topics. Classes offer in-depth nutritional information, helpful hints and useful techniques. Upcoming classes are posted on the events calendar and are open to both members and non-members.  

Group Exercise Classes

A wide variety of group exercise classes are offered throughout the week.  View class descriptions and schedules on the Group Exercise tab.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III

Cardiac rehabilitation phase III is often referred to as the maintenance phase of cardiac rehab because it emphasizes long-term lifestyle changes, such as a regular exercise program. Phase III programs are important because they offer individualized programs which help participants practice and maintain healthy habits to improve their heart condition and reduce the risk of future heart problems. The goals for phase III of cardiac rehab are to:

  • Continue exercising to regain physical function
  • Learn lifestyle changes to lower the risk of future heart problem
  • Enforce healthy habits: not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, dealing with stress, nutrition tips, and taking prescription medications regularly

Our cardiac rehab classes are called MARCH AHEAD, they are listed on the group exercise class schedule.  If you would like to enroll in the program, please contact   503.415.9645

Masters Swim Class

Whether you are training for a triathlon, open water swim, or just want a great workout this it the class for you.  you can expect to get in shape quickly with this whole body workout.  Participants should be able to swim 50 yards without stopping.



Health Coaching

Health coaching provides an opportunity for you to work with an experienced healthcare professional to carve out just the kind of life you want to live.  A coach can help you get on track and create a plan for your best life.  Any concern that gets in the way of your health and happiness is the perfect subject for you to bring up.

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Nutrition Coaching

Work with a Registered Dietitian help create a new way of eating you can sustain and enjoy for always even when life gets in the way of the best intentions!

Problem Solving and Enrichment

For a complete listing of classes visit the Life & Wellness section of the website



Assessments are an important tool to measure your current status as a starting point and to measure progress throughout your wellness journey.  Contact the front desk (503-418-6272) to schedule your assessment.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is a measure of the number of calories your body burns per day at rest. RMR is an essential tool for you and a Registered Dietitian to use in designing a meal plan specifically to reach your goals. 

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Health Appraisal

The health appraisal establishes a base line of your health & fitness status. This comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • Resting heart rate & blood pressure
  • Height, weight & body max index (BMI)
  • Cholesterol (non-fasting)
  • Body fat & circumference measurements
  • Submaximal bike test to predict your V02max (Not a maximal effort test)
  • Flexibility of shoulders, lumbar spine & hamstrings

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Movement Assessment

This assessment helps to discover inflexibility, muscle weaknesses and imbalance in your body. Knowing this will help you and your trainer develop a stretch and strengthen strategy that will keep you mobile and pain free.


League sports are available throughout the year.  Leagues are coed and located on Marquam Hill, for more information see the Court Schedules.