Certified Medical Fitness Center

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march wellness & fitness center staff member in red polo shirt takes blood pressure of member in black and white striped shirt.

How are we different than a commercial gym?

  • Certified and degreed staff
  • Focus on prevention and self-management for optimal health
  • Programs based in science and evidence-based practices
  • Bridge acute care and wellness services for medical conditions

Medical Fitness Association facility certification acknowledges OHSU march wellness & fitness center for achieving the best practice industry standards.  Based on the Medical Fitness Standards and Guidelines for Medical Fitness Center Facilities Publication, the certification process involves an in-depth review of a facility's adherence to the prescribed standards and guidelines.  A number of key factors distinguish certified medical fitness centers, including:

  • Active and regular medical oversight
  • Certified and licensed staff
  • Written policies and procedures concerning user safety and the ability to respond appropriately to all emergencies
  • Disease management and prevention programs
  • Health-risk reduction and therapeutic-lifestyle programs
  • Individualized health screening
  • Testing and outcome tracking
  • Quality management, with a focus on measurable results
  • A focus on improving community health