Artist In Residence

Jessica Trottier

Artist-in-Residence Jessica Trottier displays work of art, a blue and green abstract.

Artist's Statement

Formally educated in biology, I spent my years as
an undergraduate at Portland State University
studying the human body, researching behavioral
neuroscience, and working in healthcare. While I
originally used drawing as a learning tool in my
courses, those sketches would later become my
inspiration as an artist.

For graduate nursing school I have shifted gears
into psychiatry, as I have learned the importance
of self-care and maintaining one’s mental health.
Creating art is one of my favorite ways to do that. I hope that I can inspire others with my work,
especially those who are also struggling, and encourage them to engage in art practices as a
means to cope with their struggles and thrive in spite of them.

I paint for many reasons, but what I create is entirely up to the state I happen to be in at that time.
Some days I simply enjoy the strokes of a brush and the marks that I make. As forms are created,
eventually each layer builds on top of one another to create a final piece. The pieces in this
collection in particular are representative of this process. At other times I am inspired by the
forms in nature, or within our own bodies.

This collection of abstract paintings was a personal leap into a new facet of art I had yet to
experience. Their purpose was to express myself in a free and creative way, outside of my
comfort zone. Abstract allows me to open up and feel art, rather than actively think about forms
and features in my usual style. However, I am not without influence, and both the colors and
style of each piece are an expression of the world around me, here in Oregon. I hope you enjoy
them, and can relate them with experiences in your own life.

For commissions, inquiries, or comments, please feel free to email the address below.


Instagram: @jtrottierart