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Alexandra Lyon

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Alexandra Lyon is an abstract artist and meditation, yoga nidra, yoga guide originally from New York, and currently living in Portland, Oregon.  She received her BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts in 2014.  Allie’s artwork is inspired by living most of her life with chronic aura migraines. The debilitating & blinding pain that comes along & blurs her vision, leaving her immobile in a dark room with no light or sound becomes a pathway to deep self-inquiry, clarity & inspiration. Immersed in Darkness, light and Colors would emerge and dissolve behind her eyes, shapeshifting into different worlds that could only be illuminated by the darkness. The pain became a portal to beauty. The imprints left in her mind created by the visceral pain of the migraines are reflected in her artwork.

The inner light experiences manifest into spacious fields of color, expanding and capturing the fleeting moment of pain into a peaceful visualization where the eyes and soul can rest. Glimpses of colors & shapes dance together to create meditative landscapes, a reprieve from something so painful. She continued to be inspired by the question: How can I show something that’s invisible? Allie discovered her process from a college assignment: take a photograph of nothing. She was so inspired by this idea of what nothing can mean: darkness, emptiness & invisible space. She was instantly reminded how migraines & meditation offer this same inquiry.

Allie is inspired by the inward experience that mediation and migraines have illuminated.  Art is a shared experience: creating and letting yourself be seen by others becomes a mirror for people to be curious about their own inner worlds.  Allie’s passion and purpose is to explore the integration between art and meditation. Meditation and Yoga Nidra have become the same pathway to curiosity and inner world illumination. There is so much presence beneath the surface, we just need to become quiet enough to listen.

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