Artist In Residence

Todd Allen Wilson

Todd Allen Wilson pic


Todd Wilson serves as the administrative assistant and a yoga instructor at march wellness & fitness center.  Todd grew up in Austin, Texas, and lived in Colorado for five years, but he has traveled extensively and lived all around the world.  His first yoga teacher training was in India in 2007, and he has been teaching consistently since then.  He moved to Portland in 2003, but has spent time abroad in Europe, Asia, and Central America since first moving here.

When not in the gym Todd tries to spend as much time as possible out in nature with his wife and young daughter and whenever he can goes surfing or snowboarding.  When time allows he loves painting, drawing, writing, and being creative.

Artist's Statement

I feel that everyone is an artist, and we all have different ways of expressing ourselves.  I was always doodling and drawing when growing up and was encouraged by some friends of mine in art school to start painting.  Most of the inspiration for my artwork has come from nature and from traveling all over the world.  I always see shapes, figures, and faces in the cliffs, clouds, and landscapes all around us.  I like to combine multiple images in one image and exaggerate the forms and shapes that I see in nature to blend the images into the natural landscapes.  Look closely at the paintings and you might see something under the surface that you didn’t see at first glance.  Creating art is a form of therapy and a meditation for me.  I like to always have a project going on as an outlet for creativity, to keep my mind sharp, and to help balance out a busy and active lifestyle.