Multi-colored image of a wellness wheel that is not in balance and not round with wellness as the hub but having unequal sections representing differing amounts of spiritual, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, physical, financial, mental, and social well-being making up the wheel.

At march wellness & fitness center we address the many dimensions of wellness – physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, social and creative – that when combined make each of us unique. At march, members and health practitioners work together to develop a wellness program that draws on a variety of approaches, traditional and novel, to meet an individual's health needs.

Our integrative approach to wellness acknowledges the strengths and challenges in your current health habits and helps you move forward. We won't try to mold you into a one-size-fits-all program or push you into a difficult routine. Our goal is to help you create good habits that provide self-motivation and inspiration to let healthy change come naturally.

Four principles guide the decisions we make about the kinds of services and programs we provide and how we help you manage your health:

  • Focus on wellness, on the prevention of illness, on successful self-management of health behaviors and health conditions when they do occur.

By staying focused on wellness, we can help you – whether you're concerned about preventing injury or improving your tennis game. We can help guide you if you want to stay strong for skiing or flexible for gardening. We can help you manage your blood sugar levels and we offer interactive group classes and individual health coaching to teach you how to manage such conditions as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

  • Bridge acute care and wellness services.

We help people who are undergoing medical treatment or recovering from surgery make a seamless transition to healthy practices and lifestyles after their acute care is finished. This helps speed recovery and improves health in the future.

Multi-colored image of a well-functioning wellness wheel that is in balance with wellness as the hub and equal sections representing spiritual, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, physical, financial, mental, and social sections making up the wheel.
  • Connect all facets of your life to your wellness: physical, psychological, emotional, social, financial and spiritual.

You are multidimensional and your wellness program should be too. Exercise isn't the only factor that defines whether or not you're healthy – everything in your life affects your overall sense of well-being.  We acknowledge the many facets of your life that affect your well-being and take a comprehensive approach to "fitness" by offering programs and services that promote healthy decisions and habits in every part of your life, from relationships to socializing to cooking to finances. We also support transitions, whether in preparation for a treatment or changing your cardio routine from running to using an elliptical trainer.

  • Base health decisions and treatments in science.

March wellness & fitness center is a medical wellness center that was conceived by health care researchers and practitioners at OHSU who understand and value the development of health management programs. We look to science as a guide and evidence-based practices that show positive, lasting impact. We believe the key to good health for aging populations and future generations is behavioral changes that work from the inside out.