Volunteering & Advisory Council


We would love your help this year!
We have many volunteer jobs available including by not limited to:

Help set up and break down, distribute tokens, distribute utensils, collect data from vendors, help purchase wholesale produce for cafes, dishwash to support our durables program, help vendors set up, sell consignment items, work in our kitchen, and much more!

There are many skills to learn by volunteering. Plus.. it just feels good! The setting is a beautiful courtyard where you get to spend your time with farmers and food enthusiasts. Here is a short list of benefits:

  • How to run a farmers market
  • Learn what a sustainable food system looks like in action
  • Increase knowledge of food & nutrition
  • Interact with healthcare professionals
  • Develop relationships with small farmers & business owners
  • Develop your resume to include service at OHSU

Contact or call Eecole Copen at 503 494-8792 for more information.

Advisory Council

The council's objective is to contribute feedback and provide input towards the OHSU Farmers Market. We also brainstorm to help transform the face of food here on campus. This movement isn't just about building a sustainable market, but rather a sustainable food system throughout the hospital and university. Applicants are being accepted ongoing. The application is online. We look forward to working with you!

Contact or call Eecole Copen at 503 494-8792 for more information