Women Who Inspire Us: Georgia O'Keeffe

Portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe

An artist well-known for her color-rich paintings of flowers and desert landscapes, Georgia O'Keeffe helped to establish the modernist art movement. Her bold and unique work was recognized throughout her career.  

We're inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe as an artist, but also as a survivor of depression. She struggled with depression and anxiety throughout her life, but especially in her forties. Her rebellion against her controlling husband was very difficult and even led to her spending time in a hospital. 

After returning home, O'Keeffe gained an impressive new focus on self-care. She began to spend many months of the year away from her husband in New Mexico, where the landscape inspired her and where she was able to eat and sleep well. She also remained committed to her art and many of her most famous paintings feature the landscapes she saw in the desert. 

O'Keeffe was an independent, creative spirit. She received many awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Medal of Arts. She has also become a feminist role model for women in the art world and beyond.