Women Who Inspire Us: Beatrice Gilmore, R.N.

portrait of Beatrice Gilmore

At OHSU, embracing diversity and equity is both a value and an ongoing goal—and has been since the 1960s. Before that, though, there were brave and smart people who came to OHSU, and helped to pave the way towards transforming our student body and workforce. 

One of those brave, smart people was Beatrice Gilmore. A member of the class of 1955, Gilmore was the first African American to graduate from OHSU's School of Nursing, in any program. Gilmore was also the only married student in her class, able to strike a balance that isn't easy to this day. 

Late in her career, Gilmore joined the community health care faculty at the OHSU School of Nursing. She also served as a voting member of OHSU's Institutional Review Board.