Women Who Inspire Us: Alyson McGregor

portrait of Alyson McGregor

The future of women's health is bright because of people –doctors, researchers, and advocates –who push for change. People like Dr. Alyson McGregor

Dr. McGregor co-founded the Sex and Gender Women's Health Collaborative, a national organization that fosters sex- and gender-specific medicine in medical education, training and clinical practice. Her research focus is the effects that sex and gender have on health conditions. 

We're inspired by Dr. McGregor because she's speaking out for women's health. "Women are not just men with boobs and tubes," she says. "They have their own anatomy and physiology that deserves to be studied with the same intensity." 

Dr. McGregor also reminds us that including more types of people in medical research leads to better, more individualized health care for everyone. 

Improving care for women improves care for everyone. Dr. McGregor is the Director for the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine at Alpert Medical School, Department of Emergency Medicine, Brown University. She is an attending physician at Rhode Island Hospital. Learn more about her work in her TED talk.