Roo Study on Mom and Baby Well-Being

The purpose of this study is to better understand mood and stress during pregnancy and how how it relates to infant brain development. This study examines potential effects of a mindfulness intervention, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), during pregnancy, and uses questionnaires, cognitive testing and infant brain imaging. This data will provide important information on well-being during pregnancy and infant brain development and well-being.


Purpose of the Study

  • Promote well-being
  • Support parents and babies
  • Improve mood postpartum
  • Examine infant brain development


  • People between 21-45 years old
  • 8-16 weeks pregnant


Pre-screener $10; Intake Interview $85; Physiology Health Visit $30; Pre-treatment and Mid-treatment Assessment $15 each; Post-treatment Assessment $20; 34 Week Perinatal Visit $60; 6 Weeks Postpartum Remote Assessment $20; Infant MRI Visit $150; 2nd Infant MRI (if necessary) $100; 6 Month Follow-up $40; Opportunity for a Bonus of $25.

Who do I contact for additional information?

To find out more information and to learn if you are qualified to participate, please call the DCAN Lab at 503-494-4476 or email us at