Nutrition Counseling

Close up of veggies and grains cooking in pan on stove

Healthy eating at every age and stage

We help women of all ages maximize their health through proper nutrition. We are here to help you:

  • Prevent heart disease, cancer and other illnesses, especially if your genetics or family history shows a pre-disposition
  • Support your body during times of illness
  • Manage the symptoms of chronic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disorders and others
  • Lose weight effectively
  • Expose nutritional deficiencies or over-supplementation that may be affecting your health
  • Increase your energy and sense of well-being

Nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in your life when you become more aware of nutrition and the important role it plays in helping your baby to grow. Being pregnant often motivates women to improve their diet and lifestyle so that they can be as healthy as possible. Our dietitian offers individual counseling sessions. Whether you have nutrition questions, a high-risk pregnancy or some other concern, our dietitian is here to help you. My Pregnancy Plate is a guide on optimal nutrition during pregnancy.

OHSU dietitians