Exercise and Pregnancy Study

PG Study

Prior studies have demonstrated that blood sugar elevations after meals is associated with babies born large-for-gestational-age. The influence of the type and timing of exercise on blood sugar modulation after a meal have not been studied during pregnancy. We propose a prospective pilot study to determine the effects of low-resistance or cardio exercise before or after a meal on postprandial glucose levels.

Participation in this study is for 3 study visits over 1 week, and it will be required to complete all 3 visits. Each visit lasts approximately 3.5 hours. Participants are randomized (like flipping a coin) into either a cardio or low-resistance training groups. Participants will be trained on how to insert a continuous glucose monitor and will wear it through the 5 day study duration. Body composition, health surveys, EKG, and a baseline fitness assessment will conducted during the first study visit to ensure it is safe to participate in the study. Participants will be supervised to perform either cardio or low resistance exercise for 20 minutes. Lunch will be provided by our facility at all 3 visits and blood work will be obtained before and after the meal.

You may be eligible if you are:

  • Age 18-50 years
  • Singleton pregnancy
  • Diagnosed with gestational diabetes at <30 weeks gestation
  • Diabetes is controlled without medications
  • Non-smoker
  • Abstains from alcohol use
  • Able to exercise without limitations


$150.00 total for all 3 study visits ($50.00 given after each completed study visit)

Whom do I contact for additional information?

To find out more information and to learn if you are qualified to participate, fill out the online form or call the Women’s Health Research Unit confidential recruitment line at 503-494-3666 or email us at valent@ohsu.edu.