Breastfeeding Support for OHSU Employees

Baby and mother

Lactation support for OHSU employees

OHSU is proud to have been designated a “breastfeeding mother-friendly employer” by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Office of Family Health. We recognize the importance of breastfeeding to child development, and are dedicated to providing a work environment that supports breastfeeding women.

OHSU employees can learn more, including where designated lactation areas are, on the OHSU intranet at: Breastfeeding in the workplace

Find additional information and resources for pregnant and parenting employees and students

Designated places for breastfeeding and/or pumping breast milk

OHSU has designated several locations throughout its campuses where women can either breastfeed their babies or pump breast milk for later use. Any private space within or near an employee's department or unit may also be appropriate. We encourage you to work with your manager to identify an appropriate location and to develop a plan that accommodates your schedule and work responsibilities.

Lactation guidelines for OHSU managers

As a manager, be sure you understand the OHSU employee breastfeeding policy and the law concerning breastfeeding and/or pumping breast milk in the workplace. Employees need adequate time and privacy to breastfeed or express milk.

See details of the OHSU employee breastfeeding policy