Biological Rhythms: Before and After Your Birth (BioBAYB) Study


Even though you have a "due date" during pregnancy, labor can start unexpectedly, and we don't have the ability to predict when it will happen. This knowledge might affect how people prepare for labor, make arrangements for their families or even move closer to a hospital if they lived far away. In this study we ask participants to wear a ring on their finger that measures biological signals like temperature, heart rate, breathing, sleep and movement. It will allow us to track in real-time changes the body is going through as pregnancy gets further along. We are also interested in seeing these kinds of biological signals after birth, to better understand how having a new baby influences sleep patterns, mood and stress in the family. We are inviting partners to join this study throughout pregnancy and postpartum as well. We will send surveys in email to help understand any pregnancy symptoms, mood, emotional state, stress and sleep quality. This study does not require any study visits, we will conduct all study activities remotely using virtual meetings, email, phone or text messaging.


  •  We are recruiting two groups—a group of 70 people expecting to have a lower-risk and uncomplicated pregnancy, and a group of 30 who have had a prior preterm labor and birth in a prior pregnancy.
  • All participants should be:
    •  Aged 18-50
    • Able to read/give consent in English
    •  Possess a smartphone for syncing the app for the device (requires Bluetooth)
    • Not planning to give birth by Cesarean
    • Willing to wear (Oura ring) ring continuously as possible through 6 months postpartum
    •  Body mass index prior to pregnancy less than or equal to 40
    • No history of in-vitro fertilization for this pregnancy
    •  No prior history of ovulation problems (PCOS)
    •  Not working night shifts/rotating scheduled
  •  In the group with a history of preterm labor and birth or with risk factors for preterm labor
    • Gestational age between 24-28 weeks at enrollment
    • History of labor starting in prior pregnancy before 37 weeks (starting on its own, not induced preterm labor)
    • Other risk factors for preterm labor this pregnancy include: placement of cervical cerclage or having had treatment or overnight hospitalization for preterm labor between 24-28 weeks.
  •  In the group without a preterm labor history
    • We are looking for people who are not planning a labor induction prior to 41 weeks as we are looking at signals prior to when labor starts on its own.
    •  Enrolling between 28-36 weeks of gestation
    • Current pregnancy not complicated by hypertension, preeclampsia, an uncontrolled thyroid problem or gestational diabetes
  • Eligible Partners for the study include:
    • Currently living in a domestic partnership with the pregnant parent, at least 3 of 7 days per week (living/sleeping in the same home) and are planning to help care for the newborn
    • Possess smartphone
    • Able to consent/read English
    •  At least 18
    • Willing to wear ring continuously throughout study period.


Participants who complete the study are able to keep the ring device (a $299 value).

Whom do I contact for additional information?

To find out more information and to learn if you are qualified to participate, email Dr. Erickson at