Disc Biacuplasty

Disc biacuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that relieves low-back pain caused by damaged spinal discs.

The procedure

If a diagnostic test called discography shows that a damaged spinal disc is causing your low-back pain, you might have disc biacuplasty. This procedure reduces pain by interrupting pain signals from the nerves.

Your doctor uses a special type of X-ray called fluoroscopy to guide two small needles into the damaged disc. Radio waves send an electrical current to the needles, heating them. The heat damages the abnormal nerves in the disc, stopping the pain messages. Heat from the needles may also strengthen the disc tissue.

This is an outpatient procedure that takes about 30 minutes. You will be given sedation and local anesthetic. Recovery takes about 12 weeks, with some limits on activity early on. You should not eat before the procedure, and you will need someone to take you home afterward. Specialists at the OHSU Spine Center will explain the procedure and follow-up care in more detail.

Conditions this treats

Biacuplasty can be recommended to treat: