Sudarshan Iyer, Ph.D.

Sudarshan Iyer profile picture

Current Program Year: MS 4
Graduate, Cell and Developmental Biology Graduate Program, School of Medicine
M.D./Ph.D. Program Students, School of Medicine


Research Interests: Cancer biology & pediatric neuro-oncology

Education and training

B.S.E., 2015, Arizona State University, Tempe

Honors and awards

F30 Ruth L. Kirschstein Fellowship Award


Selected publications

Kalani MY1, Iyer S, Coons SW, Smith KA. Spinal intradural teratomas: developmental programs gone awry? Neurosurg Focus. 2012 Oct;33(4):E1. doi: 10.3171/2012.8.FOCUS12230. PMID: 23025442

Davare, M.A., Henderson, J.J., Agarwal, A., Wagner, J.P., Iyer, S.R., Shah, N., Woltjer, R., Somwar, R., Gilheeney, S.W., DeCarvalo, A., Mikkelson, T., Van Meir, E.G., Ladanyi, M., and Druker, B.J. Rare but Recurrent ROS1 Fusions Resulting From Chromosome 6q22 Microdeletions are Targetable Oncogenes in Glioma. Clin Cancer Res.