Mady Tung

Madelynn Tung profile picture

Current Program Year: MS 1
M.D./Ph.D. Program Students, School of Medicine


Research: cancer bio/treatment, drug delivery, nanomedicine

Clinical: pediatrics, oncology

Education and training

B.S., 2022, University of Southern California

Honors and awards

USC Viterbi Engineering Honors Graduate (2022)
National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges Scholar (2022)
Trudi Berwin Student Fellow (2021)
USC East Bay Alumni Association Scholarship (2020)
Jeff & Kellie Hepper Scholarship (2020-2022)
Genomics and Geobiology Undergraduate Research Experience Fellow (2019-2022)
USC Presidential Scholar Award (2018-2022)
USC Viterbi Dean's List (2018-2022)
USC Viterbi Scholar Award (2018-2022)
National Merit Scholar (2018)