Melissa D. Murphy, MD

Melissa D. Murphy, MD

Melissa D. Murphy, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases, VAMC


B.A. (Biology) - Reed College, 1991
M.D. - University of Health Sciences, Chicago Medical School, 1996


Medicine - Oregon Health & Science University


ID - OHSU/Portland VAMC, 1999-2001

Research interests

  • The evolution of antiretroviral resistance mutation profiles and their effect on clinical response to newer antiretroviral therapy.
  • The START study (international HIV clinical trial –"The Strategic Timing of Antiretroviral Treatment" sponsored by NIH - INSIGHT)

Clinical responsibilities

  • HIV Lead Clinician for the Portland VA Medical Center and Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 20
  • Oregon AIDS Education &Training Center medical director

Recent publications

  1. Murphy MD, Marousek GI, and S Chou. HIV Protease Mutations Associated with Amprenavir Resistance During Salvage Therapy: Importance of I54M. Journal of Clinical Virology, 2004; 30: 62-67.
  2. Murphy MD, O'Hearn M, and S Chou. Fatal Lactic Acidosis and Acute Renal Failure After Addition of Tenofovir to an Antiretroviral Regimen Containing Didanosine. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2003; 36: 1082-1085.
  3. Murphy MD, Rosen HR, Marousek GI, and S Chou. Analysis of Sequence Configurations of the ISDR, PKR-binding domain, and V3 Region as Predictors of Response to Induction Interferon-* and Ribavirin Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection. Digestive Diseases and Sciences. 2002; 47: 1195-1205.
  4. Desai SS, Harrison RA and MD Murphy. Capnocytophaga ochracea causing severe sepsis and purpura fulminans in an immunocompetent patient. Journal of Infection (2007) 54, e107-109