Recent Seminars

2019 seminars

January 28, 2019
Susanne Ahmari, MD, PhD
Identification of cortico-striatal activity patterns linked to OCD-related behaviors

February 4, 2019
Atheir Abbas, MD, PhD
"Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Working Memory Dysfunction"

Jodi McBride, PhD
Festival of Light seminar

February 11, 2019
Alfred Kaye, MD, PhD
"Circuit and computational approaches to arousal after stress"

February 18, 2019
Rachel A. Ross, MD, PhD
"Psychiatric neuroscience for the whole body: neurocircuitry related to metabolic & cognitive process"

March 4, 2019
Catharine Winstanley, PhD
“Bad decisions add up: synergistic interactions between risky choice, cocaine self-administration, and reward-paired cues”

March 11, 2019
Jeremiah Morrow
“Multisensory Processing in Primate Amygdala”

March 18, 2019
Andre Walcott & Sheena Potretzke
“Differential effects of a CRFR1 antagonist on alcohol drinking in rodent models” and “The Effects of Oxytocin on Individual Drinking in Social Settings in Prairie Voles” 

March 25, 2019
Paul Phillips, PhD
“Changes in dopamine dynamics during chronic substance use”