Symposium at the International Eicosanoid Conference

photo of 3 doctors at the International Eicosanoid Cofnerence

Dr. Nabil Alkayed organized and chaired a symposium at the International Eicosanoid Conference in Baltimore, Maryland October 15-17. Dr. Thierno Madjou Bah, who attended and presented two posters at the meeting won two prestigious awards: the National Institute of Health Travel Award, and the Outstanding Poster Presentation Award. The first award is given based on the submitted abstract, and the second award is based on poster presentation and answering the judges’ questions. Each award comes with a cash prize and a certificate and was announced at a closing dinner celebration at the end of the conference. Dr. Dominic Siler from the Department of Neurosurgery also attended the meeting and won a travel award to present work done in collaboration with APOM members Drs. Ross Martini, Ines Koerner and Nabil Alkayed.   

Congratulations to Dr. Glenn Woodworth and his team who won an award for their “Scientific and Education Exhibit on Development of a Precision Medical Education Mobile App to Support Anesthesiology Resident Education” which received second place for best exhibit this week at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2023, the American Society of Anesthesiologist annual meeting in San Francisco, California.

Congratulations to lead author Dr. Glenn Woodworth and his APOM co-authors Drs. Amy Miller Juve and Thomas Hoang on their impressive article recently published in Anesthesia & Analgesia titled Development and Pilot Testing of a Programmatic System for Competency Assessment in US Anesthesiology Residency Training. Their 24-month study at 7 institutions established a new system of assessment for anesthesiology residency training in the United States. By remapping the 2018 EPA and procedural skills assessments to the revised ACGME Anesthesiology Milestones 2.0 and combining the original assessments with new assessments they created a system of assessment that addresses all level 1 to 4 milestones. To pilot test and form a programmatic system of assessment for anesthesiology residency training they developed a set of entrustable professional activities, procedural skill assessment, as well as nontechnical skills assessments, and objective structured clinical examinations plus provided evidence for the validity of the assessments. In addition, Dr. Glenn Woodworth and co-authors submitted two papers of their work on Precision Medical Education for publication this month.