PGY-1 Training Opportunities

PGY-1 information

Starting in 2023, there are two PGY-1 training opportunities for the Anesthesiology program at OHSU.

Clinical base year (Categorical program)

The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine will have 11 categorical spots. All rotations occur at the University Hospital, or Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and the Portland VA Medical Center. There are 13, 4-week blocks per academic year. The schedule includes the following rotations:

  • 3 - 4 blocks Internal Medicine inpatient
  • 3 – 4 blocks General Surgery inpatient
  • 2 blocks ICU
  • 1 block Emergency Medicine
  • 1 block OB/GYN
  • 1 block Anesthesiology
  • 2 blocks Electives (non-anesthesiology)

The rotations are managed by the OHSU rotation directors within each discipline, and are fully integrated with the PGY-1 residents from the OHSU ACGME approved core programs in General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and OB/GYN. Our department has the resources and support to provide an outstanding educational experience for these categorical positions and we are excited to see our program continue to grow. 

Transitional Year at OHSU Health Hillsboro Medical Center

In 2023, two intern year spots will be for a Transitional Year at OHSU Health Hillsboro Medical Center. Formerly Tuality Community Hospital, OHSU Hillsboro is an OHSU-affiliated hospital and community partner located approximately 30 minutes from downtown Portland. The 167-bed hospital provides comprehensive healthcare services to Hillsboro, OR, a diverse community where a quarter of the residents are Latinx and nearly a third speak a language other than English at home. Our program is a unique blend of community and academic medicine, with deep roots in the vibrant Hillsboro community coupled with a strong commitment to education and scholarship. 

For those who match into the Traditional Year program, rotations will mostly occur at Hillsboro Medical Center, though required rotations also take place at Kaiser Permanente, as well as the OHSU Marquam Hill campus. The clinical schedule is flexible yet challenging, consisting of 13 four-week blocks, including 8 core rotations and 5 elective/subspecialty rotations. Core rotations including the following:

  • 2 blocks Inpatient Medicine (HMC)
  • 2 blocks Inpatient Medicine (Kaiser)
  • 1 block General Surgery (HMC)
  • 1 block Critical Care (HMC)
  • 1 block Emergency Medicine (Kaiser)
  • 1 block Ambulatory medicine (Forest Grove)

Transitional Year residents will rotate on the main OHSU Health campus in Portland for some 2 – 4 rotations, including the orientation to Anesthesiology in May or June. Following the Transitional Year, Anesthesiology residency training will occur at the OHSU main campus.

For more information about the Transitional Year, please visit our website Transitional Year Residency, or reach out to our program coordinator Jacie Bailey, or our program director Zachary G. Jacobs, MD. You will see 2 “Advanced” positions in ERAS and NMRP. The Advanced positions are on a Joint Advanced/Prelim track with our Transitional Year program at Hillsboro Medical Center. If you select the “Advanced” options, then the Transitional Year at Hillsboro Medical Center will become available to select in your prelim rank list, if you so choose. Please note, you will not be able to select the Transitional Year program without selecting the Advanced position.