PGY-1 Training Opportunities

PGY-1 information

Clinical base year

The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine recently expanded its program to include 12 PGY-1 Clinical Base Year positions. These positions are part of our categorical program and meet all current ACGME anesthesiology program requirements. All rotations occur at the University Hospital or Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The schedule includes the following rotations:

  • 3 months Internal Medicine inpatient
  • 3 months General Surgery inpatient
  • 2 months ICU
  • 1 month Emergency Medicine
  • 1 month Anesthesiology
  • 2 months Electives (non anesthesiology)

The rotations are managed by the OHSU rotation directors within each discipline, and are fully integrated with the PGY-1 residents from the OHSU ACGME approved core programs in General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Our department has the resources and support to provide an outstanding educational experience for these categorical positions and we are excited to see our program continue to grow.